Raise Your Edge Review (2024): Is this the Perfect Poker Training Site For You?

Raise Your Edge Review: How Does It Operate?

Are you looking for the most reliable Raise Your Edge review on the internet? Don’t worry, we got you!

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One of the most visited poker training sites is Raise Your Edge, which aims at more experienced players of the poker game Texas Hold ’em and focuses on tournament play. The moment you sign up with RYE, you’ll have access to their entire library of content in the format of your choice. As a bonus, you can become a part of a community of other best poker players with whom you can trade tips and analyze your own play.

A Sneak Peak Inside

While RYE offers a wide variety of classes, it’s most popular is undoubtedly the Tournament Masterclass (TMC) poker program. With TMC’s video content, range hand analyzer, and other resources, you’ll have everything you need to start crushing MTTs in a methodical manner. Playing the opener and the cold caller in position are two examples of post-flop lessons.

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Raise your edge content

Content Summary

  • Over 200 Preflop Ranges for any Playing Condition and 20+ Hours of Video Content
  • In-Range Viewer Postflop Short-Stack Bonus Lesson
  • Group of people who enjoy playing MTTs together

Masterclass Tournament Training Courses

When you enroll in the TMC Apprentice or Expert Class, you’ll gain access to a library of videos and other resources that make up the course’s training modules. Here’s a quick rundown of what each module entails:

  • Preflop Poker Tournament Strategic plan
  • Tournament action after the flop
  • Quick-change artist ICM (Independent Chip Model)
  • Heads-up
  • Important Assessments on High stakes

raise your edge tournament masterclass

How come Raise Your Edge Helps You Win Poker Tournaments?

Unlike chess, where the best moves are widely known, the optimal moves in multi-table tournaments are often a mystery to even the most dedicated players. If you’re serious about improving your poker skills, then following a methodical plan like RYE’s is a good way to speed up the process. While there are a few dissatisfied customers (as there are with any training program), the majority of the player feedback we’ve gathered from various poker forums suggests that RYE has been worthwhile for those who acquired a subscription.

Options for and Costs of Membership in Sharpen Your Edge

You can join RYE as a free member in addition to enrolling in the paid courses. The Tournament Masterclass is split into an “Apprentice Class” for $697 and an “Expert Class” for $1297.

raise your edge membership

In a moment, we’ll compare and contrast the materials included in each edition to help you decide which is best suited to your knowledge and experience.

If you buy the Apprentice Class and later decide you want access to the Expert Class’s additional modules and bonuses, you can pay the $600 difference to upgrade your membership.

Join for free and learn how to dominate poker tournaments

A few free strategy articles covering poker’s mental and technical aspects are included, as well as some free hand range charts and access to the Discord community for new members. To become a member of RYE at no cost, simply click the “START FOR FREE” button on the homepage.

In our opinion, the best option for someone just getting started in the world of online poker is free membership.

Training for TCM Novices

Your purchase of $ 697 grants you permanent access to all of the following educational resources, along with all future updates:

  • Strategy for the Preflop Round and Possible Variations
  • Exploitative Game Theory and Practice
  • Extremely Advanced How to Win 3B Pots Postflop
  • ADDITIONAL: Post-Flop Short-Stack Training Program
  • Twenty-plus hours of video with the option to upgrade to the expert level at any time

Class for TCM Professionals

For a one-time payment of $1297, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the following courses and any future updates that are released.

  • The Entire Contents Of The Apprenticeship Program
  • Advanced Theory of the ICM Preflop Short Stack
  • Resteals: What They Are and Why We Call Them
  • Excellent Push and Call, or Shortstack
  • Special supplementary lesson: The Current State of the Art A Post-Flop Multiway Extension to the ICM Postflop Bonus Module Ranges of ICM, a Free Module
  • The GTO Bible is a free bonus course!
  • Bonus review by High Stakes Crusher Steffen Sontheimer aka goOse.core of the $100,000 WCOOP Six-Handed Rumble!

Strengths and Weaknesses of Raise Your Edge

raise your edge bencb

What we found to be the advantages and disadvantages of RYE training programs:


  1. Advantages An organized approach to learning poker
  2. Professional poker tournament strategy guidance
  3. The promise of eternal updates to the content


  1. Get complete access for free during your trial period. cannot be found (the course does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee)
  2. The cost is prohibitive for microstakes players at Multi-Table Tournament Poker

Raise Your Edge: The Verdict

Raise Your Edge is, without a doubt, money well spent for competitive tournament players. Gain access to BenCB’s individual ranges and over 20 hours of video and other resources designed to boost your win rate and seal any holes in your game. Although it is more expensive than most poker training courses, if you put in the time and effort, you will be rewarded with a solid return on your investment.

That’s an 8.5 out of 10 from us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is the Raise Your Edge?

Raise Your Edge is a poker training site that focuses specifically on how to win tournaments online. Many professional gamblers have benefited from their flagship product, Tournament Masterclass.

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Who are the Raise Your Edge coaches?

Bencb789, an experienced poker coach with an impeccable work ethic, serves as Raise Your Edge’s lead instructor. Their roster also features experts like cash game coaches faLLout86 and MAriano5 and SNG coach Tomy. Fabian Graske, the head of the German Poker Law Section, is available to provide legal counsel to local players. If you’re interested in seeing the RYE coaches’ results from recent tournaments, you can follow raiseyouredge on Instagram to see their results.


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Who is this BenCB guy, anyway?

One of the world’s most successful online MTT players is BenCB, aka bencb789. The 2016 PokerStars WCOOP $102K Super High Roller, which he won after defeating Fedor Holz in a heads-up match, was worth $1.17 million, and it was just one of many trophies he has collected from tournaments like the SCOOP and WCOOP. Raise Your Edge’s head coach BenCB has created a lot of the RYE-hosted poker training materials available to his students.

It has been said by poker pro Patrick Leonhard that BenCB is the best poker game trainer in the world. If you want to watch BenCB in action at the tables, make sure to subscribe to Raise Your Edge on Twitch.

What’s Tournament Masterclass?

Tournament poker coach BenCB offers a high-end Multi-Table Tournament course called The Tournament Masterclass. There are over twenty hours of training videos, a range viewer for pre-flop situations, tests, quizzes, hand instances, and tournament reviews included in the system.

In what ways is the Tournament Masterclass comprehensive?

The Apprentice version of the Tournament Masterclass includes over 200 Preflop Ranges and over 20 hours of video lessons. The Expert version comes with extra video content totaling over 50 hours, plus three bonus modules and a full extra course.

What types of poker tournaments are covered in the Tournament Masterclass?

The common mistakes made by MTT players are addressed in the Tournament Masterclass, as are pre-flop and post-flop strategies.

Is there a money-back guarantee for the Tournament Masterclass?

Yes! The Raise Your Edge contract can be terminated within the first 10 days without penalty if you are a first-time customer. Send an email to support@raiseyouredge.com explaining your decision to cancel your purchase. Please be aware that no refunds will be given if more than half of the poker course has been viewed.

Can novices use Raise Your Edge effectively?

That’s not the case at all. To get the most out of the Raise Your Edge learning courses, you should have prior experience playing in poker tournaments. Instead of paying for a training course if you’re just getting underway with online poker tournaments, enroll in free membership.

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