$500 Bonus 40% Rakeback
Users from Germany are accepted
  • Available cryptocurrency deposits
  • Decent events with guarantees
  • A few flimsy games
  • Popular in the Philippines and Japan
  • Licensed by Isle of Man
  • Player verification is necessary
  • Not available for PC
  • Does not support tracking
  • Absence of HU tables

KKPoker club review

In recent years, prominent mobile poker apps have emerged thanks to sites like Poker Bros and Pokerrrr2. With a few crucial tweaks, KKPoker will be a very familiar type of real money poker app for anyone who has used play money app platforms. First off, there is a single central cashier for both playing in exclusive clubs and the worldwide player pool. Second, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission has granted KKPoker a gambling license.

They benefit from this in many countries when trying to recruit players. By installing an Android emulator, you may use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or PC to play a range of games that are offered on KKPoker. In the poker industry, KKPoker is a relatively new player. The majority of the difficulties associated with play money poker apps are eliminated with KKPoker’s new payments mechanism. These include manual payments and an uncontrolled poker site, both of which KKPoker has addressed.

KKPoker consistently strives to adhere to all rules, unlike the majority of mobile poker programs. Your player balance is kept on a different, ring-fenced client account, which is how they function. This implies that you do not need to contact an agent to request deposits and withdrawals.

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Instead, you can make a poker deposit using any of the methods offered in the app’s cashier. Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, and Bitcoin are a few examples of popular payment options. In this industry, having a home game experience (such as playing Omaha or Holdem with your buddies) with simple cashier tools is a terrific mix!

In a short period of time, KKPoker has gained popularity in countries including Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and New Zealand. We have gathered all the details you need in a Q & A format so that you may begin playing. Let’s begin with KKPoker’s key characteristics!

How is KKPoker structured?

A real money poker software with a license is KKPoker. Payments and transfers can be made at a central cashier or with the help of reputable KKPoker club representatives. The goal of KKPoker’s operating strategy is to create the greatest poker experience by fusing the best elements of private poker clubs, authorized real-money operators, and poker networks.

On KKPoker, all poker variations are played in US dollars. Every player may join the tables offered at the global lobby in order to guarantee liquidity and a sufficient number of tables are available at all times. You can participate in the worldwide pool game with many players from various clubs thanks to this idea. In addition to the large player base worldwide, KKPoker clubs can host exclusive games for their members.

Ace King IOM Limited, a business that is authorized by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, is the developer of KKPoker. On July 24, 2019, they last renewed their gambling license. A complete list of the Isle of Man gaming license holders may be found here. The Isle of Man’s capital and largest town, Douglas, serves as Ace King IOM’s headquarters.

KKPoker is very easy to use: You create an account, fund it with your initial payment, and then begin playing at the stakes you desire. Hold’em, Open Face Chinese, and Omaha all provide a wide variety of games. You can add an avatar and a moniker of your choice.

Why is KKPoker growing in popularity among poker players?

Players can choose from a wide variety of real-money poker apps. Nevertheless, certain apps stand out from the competition because of their user-friendly features and designs. We created a list of the main factors that we think will contribute to KKPoker’s popularity and traffic growth:

  • The worldwide pool allows you to compete with players from all over the world, not just those from your own nation or region. • KKPoker has recently been mentioned in a lot of web reviews and advertisements.
  • Recreational players can fully enjoy the games, and skilled players can have a high overall win rate because the quality of play is lower than in more reputable online poker rooms and you cannot utilize tracking software or a HUD.
  • The absence of regs and predatory players in a healthy poker ecosystem balances KKPoker’s higher-than-average rake.
  • In order to maintain the integrity of the game, all participants must register their accounts using their real legal names and identities as specified in their T&C. For example, if you primarily use Bitcoin, there is presently no way to deposit BTC directly on a major poker site like PokerStars or partypoker, but KKPoker includes this option too. Players who are familiar with mobile poker apps will find KKPoker to be quite straightforward to use.

What’s the appearance of a KKPoker club?

The app displays a list of all the open tables once you’ve signed up for a club to play at. The global player pool is shared by all clubs to always have adequate tables available. The stakes, participant count, and game type are all visible. It’s quick and simple to find your preferred poker game in the lobby. Finding appropriate stakes for your appetite is simple because all tables at KKPoker use the USD currency.

KKPoker table

What do you think of the KKPoker app’s interface, design, and features?

Software for KKPoker was created by AceKing IOM Limited. For their RNG, they have a Gaming Labs Certificate of Integrity (Random Number Generator). The Isle of Man government must verify this GLI certificate before it can be used. As soon as the verification is over, we’ll update our review!

The KKPoker application has attractive graphics, the same as PPPoker. The software can be customized in a number of different ways. The app was created with mobile devices in mind. In terms of platform, KKPoker and PPPoker are similar. However, a few minor adjustments have been made. From the very first use, it is evident how the lobby, menu, games, and tables are organized. The KKPoker app has been created and optimized for cell phones, after all. Whether using an iPhone or an Android phone, the basic functionalities are simple to utilize.

The gaming on iOS with an iPhone X worked flawlessly during our testing. The KKPoker multi-tabling capabilities are useful for gamers that enjoy the action. On your device, you can simultaneously open up to three tables. Swiping will allow you to quickly switch between the tables. There was no lag during our testing, and the speed of various functions is good.

Any activity at the tables, including checking, wagering, and raising, is easy to catch and observe. You can buy various levels of VIP cards through in-app purchases if you wish to get access to statistics on the app. Players who want to learn more about their table opponents can benefit from using VIP cards. VIP cards cost from $6 to $66 a month for Silver and Platinum tiers.

KKPoker lobby

What kind of games and stakes are available on KKPoker?

Although KKPoker may not have as much overall traffic as more well-known websites, the competition is not as fierce. For this reason, we advise all poker players to check out KKPoker. No-Limit Hold’em action up to NL400 and Omaha action up to PLO200 can both be found pretty frequently. Players that play for little and micro stakes are most suited for the games. KKPoker regulations are less stringent than those of other poker networks.

There are occasionally higher stakes runs, but not yet frequently. In Asia, OFC is primarily played in the early evening (day time in Europe). 6+ Hold’em is a popular poker variation, particularly in Asia, and KKPoker also offers this short deck version of the game.
On KKPoker, you may play poker in the Holdem, PLO, PLO 5, MTT, 6+, and OFC game variants. OFC poker can be played with jokers or without them. There are also HU tables for Holdem and Omaha. You could check out the action on mobile poker apps because HU tables are very popular there.

On top of the tables in the international lobby, club owners can provide their patrons with private tables. As opposed to other popular poker sites, KKPoker allows users to simulate playing in a private poker room on their mobile devices.

What are the rake and rakeback amounts?

On KKPoker, the normal rake is 5% with a 3BB maximum. Levels NL200 through NL600 have a lower cap because there is a 2BB rake cap at those levels. The rake cap starts at NL1k and is 1BB. The rake in PLO is capped at 3BB. A reduced 3% rake with a 3BB cap applies to HU tables. For all tables, the rake has a no-flop, no-drop policy. The Weighted Contributed technique is used to determine the rake on KKPoker tables.

KKPoker deposit bonus

Does KKPoker do advertising campaigns?

For beginner players who aren’t quite ready to play with real money deposits, KKPoker has something to offer. There are a number of freerolls going daily in their poker room where you can win actual money. Every week, you can take part in tournaments with a total of $25k in guaranteed prizes. On KKPoker, large tournament events with GTD prize pools are anticipated to grow in popularity. $6k in bonuses are awarded based on their Monthly MTT Leaderboard.

In addition to these specials and the rakeback offers made by clubs, KKPoker frequently offers welcome bonuses to new players. For instance, KKPoker provided new players with a $2k initial deposit bonus in August 2020. This deposit incentive was given out in $1 instalments for every $10 in rake, thus it effectively gave 10% more rakeback.

What about KKPoker deposits and withdrawals?

After creating an account, you can select the deposit method you like. Your choice of deposit options will depend on where you live and the laws there. Debit and credit cards, e-wallets like Ecopayz and Skrill, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Astropaycard, and bank transfers are the most popular ways to make deposits. The deposit transactions will immediately show up on your balance.

Can you use tracking programs like PT4 or HEM?

Any third-party tracking software or HUDs are not supported by KKPoker. Poker is a game where knowledge is power, and games are often more enjoyable when tracking devices are prohibited. By selecting player profiles, several fundamental statistics may be seen. You can buy a VIP card to have access to additional player data. As in-app purchases, VIP cards are available for purchase.

How can I sign up for a KKPoker account?

Clearing your cookies and creating an account by clicking KKPoker is the first step. Fill in the boxes with your username, phone number, and other information. After creating an account, you will be directed to the program, which you can then download and install on your device.

Open the app, log in, and go to the profile section to finish the KYC process with your ID documents after completing these steps. Click on the top left of the screen to change your nickname and avatar. Do not forget to connect your email to the account by selecting “Bind Your Mailbox” under Profile > Settings.

You will notice a message stating that the app is not available in your location if you reside in a restricted nation where KKPoker is not yet accessible. If so, we advise looking through our other soft mobile poker games, including Pokio or Poker Bros.


Q: How can I register for the KKPoker app?

It’s simple to begin! Simply delete your cookies, download the KKPoker app, open it, and enter your information on the registration page. Once you’re finished, you may log in, view the KKPoker global lobby, and make your initial deposit to begin playing. If you have any questions, their customer service and support team is eager to assist you!

Q: From where can I get the KKPoker app?

By visiting KKPoker and clicking the download link, you may download the app. Depending on your device, you will be routed to either Google Play or the App Store to download the KKPoker app.

Q: How can I fund my KKPoker account for the first time and withdraw money?

To make a deposit, sign into your account, head to the cashier, and select your preferred payment option. Go to the cashier and type in the amount you want to withdraw when you make your first withdrawal. Then just use your selected method to request a withdrawal. The central cashier on KK Poker handles all deposits and withdrawals.

Q: At KKPoker, is my deposit secure?

To safeguard the cash, any deposits or profits are placed in a customer account that is ring-fenced. Since KK Poker has an Isle of Man license, Isle of Man law may be used to enforce the deposits and winnings.

Q: What is the KKPoker minimum deposit amount?

For KKPoker, a $20 minimum deposit is required. You can test out the games to see whether you enjoy them with just a modest amount of money because the minimum deposit is so minimal. It doesn’t take very long to register either!

Q: Can I make a Bitcoin deposit?

Yes, players can deposit using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Q: At KKPoker, are my data secure?

Your data must be kept secure by KKPoker per their privacy statement. The owners of KKPoker, AceKing IOM Limited, are dedicated to abiding by all applicable data privacy laws. When processing your personal information, they must also adhere to the rules and conditions of their Isle of Man online gaming license. The Privacy Policy section of their website has more information regarding the terms & conditions.

Q: What about the game's security?

Because security is essential to operating online poker games, KKPoker takes it extremely seriously. An anti-cheating team is in place at KKPoker. They are concentrating on putting in place systems to identify, look into, and outlaw situations like collusion and bot usage. To ensure that only players from approved countries can access the games, the application requests to see your location.

Accounts that are discovered to be breaking KKPoker’s regulations will have their access to the games permanently barred. If you notice any suspicious conduct at the tables, you should get in touch with KKPoker right once! Send the details and your discoveries to KKPoker via email at info@kkpoker.net.

Q: Can I play for free on KKPoker?

Free play is indeed permitted. By joining our club and taking part in freeroll competitions, you may test the app. You might spin it up from freeroll winnings with a little bit of luck! For beginning poker players, there is no better way to learn the game than by winning real money with no risk.

Q: On iOS or Android, can you play KKPoker?

The answer is that KKPoker works well on both iOS and Android smartphones. The software functions flawlessly on most contemporary mobile phones in general.

Q: Can a PC be used to play KKPoker?

You can, indeed. Windows users can download the KK Poker program from Google Play and install an Android emulator on their computer. The software works on emulators as well as mobile devices and is optimized for both.

Q: Can I play on KKPoker using an emulator?

Absolutely! KKPoker functions flawlessly on Android emulators.

Q: How can I download the KKPoker APK for Android?

To obtain the APK file for Android, simply go to their website at https://www.kkpoker.net/pc/download and click the Google Play download icon.

Q: Can a Mac be used to play KKPoker?

Sadly, not by utilizing the Mac OS client. If you’ve used a variety of programs and operating systems before, you can set it up on a Mac by booting Windows into Bootcamp. As there isn’t yet a desktop client available, simply install an Android emulator on Windows and enter the KK Poker APK file to play.

Q: How much money can you risk playing on KKPoker?

Players that prefer to play at low and micro stakes should play KKPoker games. If you enjoy playing at stakes between NL20 and NL200 or PLO20 and PLO100, KK Poker is a terrific site to add to your list of options. There are also medium and high stakes tables available, though not as frequently as on a larger website like partypoker.

Q: Are there any rakeback offers at KKPoker?

You are eligible for rakeback if you join through Beasts Of Poker as your agent. You can create an account by going to this link: https://kkpoker.club/Beasts and filling out your information. After that, you can start playing with rakeback. When you sign up for a poker account with KKPoker, be sure to look at their most recent promos. They occasionally provide first deposit bonuses as well.

Q: What does a KKPoker agent do?

Agents are those that represent private poker clubs on KK Poker. Agents can provide their players extra assistance in downloading the app. Agents can manage deposits and withdrawals from players. As an alternative, you can manage every payment on your own using the central cashier. KK Poker, a portable poker room, recruits players through regional representatives all over the world.

Q: What varieties of KKPoker clubs are offered to players?

You may join our club (Club ID 58462) at https://kkpoker.club/Beasts, but as KK Poker expands, more clubs will soon be available. Even though there isn’t a lot of traffic yet, there isn’t as much activity as in more seasoned online poker rooms. You can also participate in the global player pool, to which every team has access.

Q: On KKPoker, are there Asian clubs?

Yes, players have access to various Asian groups as well as Japanese unions.

Q: What countries are prohibited from playing at KKPoker?

Their website, notice.kkpoker.net/pc/restricted territory, has a list of prohibited countries and territories. Even if they use a VPN or other tools to hide their IP address, citizens of the countries on this list are not permitted to access KKPoker according to the requirements of their Isle of Man gaming license. Try using one of our other soft mobile poker game apps, like Pokio or Poker Bros, if your country is one of the forbidden ones.

Q: Are American players able to access KKPoker?

Unfortunately, KKPoker is not accessible to US players because the country is not covered by their gaming license.

Q: Do players in the UK have access to KKPoker?

Sadly, KKPoker is not yet accessible to players in the United Kingdom.

Q: How can I contact KKPoker support?

You can contact KKPoker’s customer service via email at info@kkpoker.net if your question isn’t answered in our FAQ area. Additionally, you can visit their website, KKPoker.net, for more details regarding their deposit and withdrawal policies


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