Ignition Poker Review – Complete 2024 Guide

Ignition Poker Review – Complete 2024 Guide

Bonus Offered
100% up to $3000
Users from United States are accepted
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Ignition Poker Club Review

  • Cryptocurrency-friendly
  • Fast withdrawal pending period
  • Appealing welcome offer
  • Speedy download and installation of software
  • Demo money available
  • US-friendly in most states
  • Anonymous tables
  • Great customisation features
  • VIP Program
  • Inability to view tables without depositing first
  • No rakeback available
  • Tables can take a while to load

Our approach to evaluating poker clubs isn’t influenced by their names; in fact, we often find smaller poker rooms more appealing than the well-known ones. Initially, Ignition Poker had escaped our notice, despite our familiarity with the Ignition Casino.

It’s interesting that we had overlooked Ignition Poker, especially given our experience with their casino games. Despite frequently passing by, we didn’t let this deter us from exploring their current offerings. To our surprise, we discovered that Ignition Poker was previously known as Bovada Poker.

Bovada had shifted its focus to sports betting and online casino games, leaving their poker segment. That’s when Ignition stepped in, taking over Bovada’s poker room, rebranding it as Ignition Poker. This bold move from a company that only started offering casino services in 2016 has proved successful, especially with their strong emphasis on the US poker market.

Ignition Poker: Is It Legal?

Ignition Poker has a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

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When you sign up for the Ignition Poker platform, you’ll get access to an engaging site design and generally captivating poker games.

Why not create an account, fund it, and take advantage of everything Ignition has to offer?

Things began to become a little bit hazy for us at this point. We often look for a legitimate gambling license. In fact, we won’t begin any form of gameplay until we’ve looked everywhere for one. However, nothing about the legitimacy of Ignition Poker has come to light.

That was and is still a major letdown. Even if the Bovada name is well-known and regarded, you shouldn’t really rely all of your judgments on what this poker club was in the past. Contrary to what we are told, Ignition Poker does not have a legal license. Although there is no proof that it still has one from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission today, it apparently did have one in the past.

Can I play Ignition Poker in the United States?

Ignition Poker does place a significant emphasis on serving the US poker market, so the short answer is “absolutely.” It’s important to remember that some states do not allow registration or poker play there.

New Jersey, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, and Missouri are among these states. If you reside in a state other than one of those nine, you won’t have any trouble signing up at Ignition and playing games there because it is possible to do so in all other US states.

If you attempt to register from a non-accepted state, an error notice will let you know as much. Similarly to that, if you attempt to access the poker site from a nation that it does not support, an error notice will inform you that it is not feasible.

Poker software and games from Ignition

The Bodog Poker Network still includes Ignition’s poker offering because it was formerly the Bovada poker room. This offers a justification for why it receives such heavy traffic as well. The poker network is a sizable one that offers players access to a small number of well-liked poker games.

The poker lobby’s excellent layout and simple navigation between each of the several categories are something we appreciate. Depending on the features you wish to be available, you can filter the poker rooms as well. This covers the kind of poker game being played, the buy-in amount, and the game’s limit.

Speaking of poker games, Ignition provides three of them. There is Texas Hold’em available, and the other two games are Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo. Why wouldn’t these continue to be the most played poker varieties in the online poker market be available at Ignition? We had hoped to locate a few more uncommon additions, but the poker room isn’t currently stocking any of them.

 ignition poker table

You can see from the image above that Ignition Poker makes it simple to pick your chosen variety of poker.

If you want to participate in a Cash Game, you will be prompted to choose the poker variation you’d like to play—no limit, pot limit, or fixed limit—as well as the number of seats you’d like at the table. The button will then direct you to a randomly generated table that complies with those criteria.

Additionally, it is possible to gain access to Jackpot Sit & Go games, which are three-player games in which the winner keeps everything. You can sign up for a $2, $7, $20, or $60 entrance, and you can play at up to four tables with each of these amounts.

We like having the option to change how the table we are playing at is set up. The tables at Ignition Poker provide the same customization options as those seen in most online poker clubs. You can alter the background of the screen, the card front, and the card back by going to the “Settings” area of your account. However, unlike some other poker rooms, you are not given the choice to change your avatar or anything similar through the settings.

Was it Possible for Me to Play Ignition Poker Secretly?

Unlike in other popular poker clubs (e.g. PokerBros or PPPoker) You won’t be identified by other players at the same tables if you visit anonymous tables whenever you play poker on this website. Because you don’t require avatars and other similar items when playing anonymously, the customization section of the poker room does not permit you to change them. You can play poker at anonymous tables without worrying that someone will find you and follow you from table to table.

Because you can be transported to a new table at random after folding at your current one, Zone Poker offers an already anonymous variation on traditional poker play. Five other fresh players who have folded in their own prior games will also be seated at the same table. This is essentially how Zone Poker operates, and it is used by a number of online poker clubs.

But not all of them offer entirely anonymous play for both cash games and tournaments. Instead, the fact that many players like entering a poker game without perhaps having their history recorded by someone else makes Ignition stand out among many other gaming platforms.

You’ll notice that you won’t be able to employ potential bluffs and player tendencies quite as successfully at Ignition Poker due to the anonymity of the game that takes place there.

Tip 1: You should avoid focusing on using bluffs and player tendencies at Ignition Poker

The ideal strategy is to completely avoid focusing on using them in a significant way. Despite this, you can still make use of them in cash games and tournaments because, in contrast to Zone Poker, you are not taken to another location after folding a hand.

Just be aware that other players might be seeing what you’re doing, for instance, as player 1. While they can’t track you from table to table as they can on some other sites, you might still notice that other players at the same table are keeping an eye on you. Turn things around and successfully plan an attack.

We find Ignition Poker’s anonymous tables to be a particularly appealing feature. Due to the former owner of this poker room, Bovada, these tables have really been open for some time. There’s no denying that the addition of anonymous tables has reactivated a large number of online poker players. When you play at anonymous tables, you greatly limit the chance of being tracked by other players whose numbers might be better than your own because they cannot see your identity.

Downloads for MAC and Windows

Every time we look for a new online poker site, we have to make sure that the software download and installation are as simple as possible. We were therefore really pleased with how quickly the software from Ignition downloaded overall.

After that, the installation was completed quickly, and we were able to register and log in within five minutes. We would think that’s one of Ignition Poker’s most alluring features. Believe us, we know how annoying it is to have to wait for downloads from other poker sites.

The software’s tendency to take longer than necessary to load a table may be one of my main software-related complaints. This is true whether you are participating in a cash game, a sit-and-go, or any other type of offering. Our expectation that the table will appear as soon as we click on the one we want has almost become the norm. In contrast, Ignition requires a loading period of between 10 and 20 seconds before a table displays in the window after the window has opened. Although that’s not a long time to wait, how could you fail to notice it when compared to an almost instantaneous arrival of such?

This may be the kind of circumstance that MAC users who download the software will run into. Although waiting for 10 to 20 seconds before your chosen table appears in view isn’t particularly demanding in life, it might be noticeable to some folks, as it was to us.

It’s important to understand that Ignition Poker is not one of those websites that let users access the tables in both download and instant play modes. Instead, you may only play by downloading the software to your desktop. There is no option for instant play in this poker room.

Poker Ignition bonuses

In fact, we’ve learned to keep an eye out for bonus offers from the online poker casinos we prefer. We never wanted them at first and were perfectly fine with just using our own cash to enter games and tournaments. But in the modern era, we truly enjoy getting a nice promotion.

There is a welcome deal available at Ignition Poker for new players to take advantage of. This comprises a bonus that you gradually receive as you meet the necessary prerequisites for it by playing more. Essentially, you receive 100% more on top of your initial contribution, up to a total of $1,000. Given that you must use your own money to play and win the bonus, this may come out as a bit cruel.

Ignition poker offer

The Ignition Poker’s current offer, which is available right now, is displayed in the image above.

But getting it isn’t that difficult, especially if you choose to play Ignition’s Zone Poker alternatives. Unfortunately, the poker room only chose to give this one promotion to poker players while going above and above what was actually required for the casino offers. Poker players enjoy getting rewards too!

Ignition could at least try to keep incentives and special offers relatively equal. After all, casino players prefer their fair share of bonuses and promotions.

System of Ignition Poker Rewards

If we are being completely honest, we’ve never really succeeded in using VIP programs at gaming sites to advance that much. Either that or we simply fail to see how well we are doing and completely overlook the fact that we have VIP awards to redeem.

The beautiful thing about Ignition’s rewards program is that each time you play in the casino or poker room, you accumulate points. Ignition Miles, the points’ official name, are redeemable at any moment for additional money. You won’t ever lose the status you’ve earned, so whether you choose to cash in your miles or not, your VIP standing will remain the same. You gain even more advantages as you advance through the loyalty program’s tiers.

This allows you to begin at the Steel level, where 2,500 miles are worth $1 and a payback benefit equal to 6% of your weekly net losses. The next tiers you’ll pass through are Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and eventually Diamond.

We really like the Ignition Poker VIP program. Although it follows a very standard pattern for such, there are more stages for you to advance through, and the rewards are also quite nice. In terms of Ignition, it’s one of the best aspects on the promotion side of things. Additionally, as you progress, you can exchange specific goodies for Ignition Miles, which all help you move up the VIP rung.

Poker tournaments on Ignition

We’ll be honest: we like playing in poker tournaments. We believe they are more appealing overall. Therefore, we always like it when we come across a website that allows its users to participate in tournaments.

 ignition poker tournaments


The Scheduled Tournaments for the following days are all located in the lobby, making it simpler for you to sign up for the ones you’re interested in, as shown in the image above.

You may participate in these at Ignition Poker, and I, for one, enjoyed learning how to use them. First off, the game lobby’s separate Sit & Go Tournaments section contains some excellent Sit & Go Tournaments. It’s easy to sign up for them, and the lobby shows the game you’re accessing, the limit (if any), the buy-in, and the number of other players who have already signed up for the tournament.

The “Scheduled Tournaments” portion of the Ignition Poker interface is another aspect we like. This is a type of calendar listing all the upcoming competitions at Ignition. It also includes details on the most recent competitions that have ended. We have used this portion of the game lobby a number of times to keep track of the next potential tournaments that I can sign up for. I’d say it’s the perfect addition to Ignition Poker.

According to what I hear, tournaments weren’t initially planned for Ignition. They have so only recently become accessible. Since I indicated that I prefer playing in poker tournaments the most, I’m definitely happy to see them in the lobby.

Ignition Poker Clientele

Finding a new online poker room that you haven’t played at before only to learn that it is part of the third-largest poker network in the world is always disappointing. That’s quite the accomplishment for a poker site that focuses primarily on offering poker alternatives to US players while being neither licensed nor regulated.

For US players, Ignition Poker is rated as the best site. And we’re not just talking about a position the site has eked out; we’re talking about a position that it holds much higher than other platforms serving the US market. It even surpasses well-known European websites like partypoker, for instance. That accomplishment is in no manner to be taken lightly.

Generally speaking, based on our experience, Ignition Poker receives a lot of traffic. The majority of players entering the poker room are typically cash game players, with an average daily peak of roughly 2,500 players.

There have always been full tables that are actively in play whenever we’ve reached the lobby, and tournaments frequently have a large number of individuals that have registered for them. Although no-limit cash games are the most well-liked and, as a result, have the strongest traffic, fixed-limit and Omaha games are still available in the poker room. For instance, it’s not unusual to find 50 or so active Omaha tables running during peak hours.

A further alternative at Ignition is Zone Poker, which has gained popularity since being made available there. This area of the poker room is still very crowded today, and it is pretty much constantly busy. Very rarely we have reached the gaming lobby and discovered the Zone Poker section with fewer than 80 participants. This frequently exceeds such a figure as well, thus there is undoubtedly more traffic heading into this specific option.

Tip 2: We’d constantly advise you to play Zone Poker at Ignition.

You aren’t waiting around for this player or that player to move because everything moves much more quickly now. You won’t get bored playing Zone games since they will keep you engaged. Of course, the moment you fold, you’ll be moved to a different table and can resume playing.

One of Ignition’s best features, in our opinion, is Zone Poker, which shouldn’t be disregarded. Use the rapid gameplay to your advantage, and you might find yourself winning some hefty prizes at Ignition.

Based on those numbers, it is easy to understand why Ignition is ranked as the third-best poker site in the world and the top one in the United States. Clearly, the amount of traffic indicates how popular it is.

Mobile Ignition Poker

There are some of us, who frequently yearn to play poker on our mobile devices. It’s always wonderful to discover that a poker room has also been optimized for mobile devices because we do like to play the occasional game of poker when riding the train from one place to another. The first of those platforms is Ignition Poker.

Here’s where things get interesting since mobile users can access any Ignition game in instant play mode, although desktop users cannot. It’s a ridiculous situation, but after logging in and loading the website on your device, you’ll have access to the mobile poker gaming alternatives. When you choose one of those, immediate-play mobile poker gameplay will be loaded for you right away on your screen.

You can enjoy mobile poker at Ignition as long as you have an iPhone 4 or later or an iPad running the Apple OS. The same is also possible with any Android device, including both smartphones and tablets. In this approach, anonymous gameplay is still possible, giving you access to the same features as a desktop user but from any place with a connection.

Ignition Poker allows for mobile play as indicated above. Simply open the website in the browser on your mobile device, log in, and then browse the available tables.

You won’t really be missing anything as a mobile poker player compared to a desktop player, either. On mobile devices, cash games are available, Zone Poker is also feasible, and Jackpot Sit & Gos are also available. Even better, you’ll be able to participate in poker events using your tablet or smartphone.

It truly does provide you with a good alternative to use in place of constantly playing on a desktop computer. We frequently check to see if a poker website has mobile options as well. While we like to be able to download an app to our home screen, we’ll accept the Ignition Poker mobile instant play options as they still offer an exciting and rewarding experience.

Although it’s likely that a mobile app will be offered in the future, it isn’t currently accessible. We’d like to say that Ignition Poker will give it some thought in the near future. We are certain that many gamers would value the option of being able to reach the lobby from their smartphone’s home screen.

Ignition Poker Remittances & Deposits

We a b for the majority of my purchases, therefore we had no trouble making deposits at Ignition Poker. This payment option is accepted by the poker room, so we just carry on as usual. We were particularly pleased to see that the website also supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a handful of cryptocurrencies. Ignition now accepts transactions using Mastercard and American Express. The only other option is to use a Voucher in its place.

You don’t have to wait for the money to deposit into your poker account because all of these alternatives provide you the option of filling your account immediately. The poker games are immediately available for you to play. The primary issue I have with card deposits is the prospect of being assessed a fee of 5.9% on each transaction. Users of American Express will pay fees of 9.9% as a result. The use of a supported cryptocurrency is the only free option for funding your account. Regardless of the method you choose, Ignition will not charge you for your initial deposit.

The aforementioned illustration demonstrates how simple it is to contribute money to your poker account at Ignition, which accepts both credit and bitcoin payments.

Being a card user, it didn’t really affect us all that much, however, it would be good to see at least one or two e-wallets offered as deposit options at Ignition. Of course, it’s always wonderful to have options, so you might need to look for another platform if you prefer something other than a cryptocurrency or credit card.

Withdrawals Stand Out from the Competition

It’s one thing for an online poker room to offer its users a wide selection of games and tournaments, as well as a gorgeous website; it’s another thing entirely to offer a perfect pay-out structure. Fortunately, Ignition Poker excels in this department. Ignition does not have pending periods that might last up to 72 hours, unlike some other poker rooms. Regarding the site’s processing time, all of my withdrawal experiences from the platform have been excellent.

Ignition Poker has gained this reputation thanks to the quickness of its payouts and the simplicity of the process. Ignition Poker hasn’t seen troubles with payouts or reports of players not getting their withdrawal requests, unlike other platforms. In fact, Ignition consistently ranks first when compared to other US-facing poker sites in terms of payouts.

It’s true that there won’t be a wide variety of payment options available to you with Ignition. Instead, the poker room has simplified some of its available alternatives in this regard. In essence, there are just two choices: either accept a cryptocurrency payment or accept a check delivered by courier. Although checks are frequently distributed to players fast as well, the Bitcoin alternative is the speedier way to go about things. They are problematic since it takes longer for them to clear in your bank account.

However, it’s not just how quickly you may withdraw Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash; it’s also the available limits. In contrast to cryptocurrency, where the minimum withdrawal amount is $10, checks require a minimum withdrawal of $100. We like that you may withdraw up to $9,500 per three days using cryptocurrencies, compared to checks’ maximum of £3,000 per week.

Ignition Poker also offers free cryptocurrency withdrawals, which is a wonderful perk. The terrible thing about checks is that you have to pay a $100 charge on every transaction this method, which is why there is a minimum withdrawal limit.

Customer Support for Ignition Poker

When playing poker at Ignition, we didn’t really need to use the customer care tools all that much, which is usually a perk. It demonstrates how easily everything works on the website and how simple everything is. We did find ourselves looking through a few of the queries in its FAQ section, and most of the time that gave us the answers we needed.

However, it can be initially challenging to locate the alternatives for customer assistance if you can’t discover what you need in the FAQ section. Basically, you have to search the Help Center for the solution you’re looking for, and if you can’t, you have to say “no” when asked whether the topic was helpful or not. You will then be given a variety of contact options, including phone, email, and live chat assistance.

Ignition Poker offers timely assistance despite not being the most accessible support choice.

We’ve used the live chat, and each time we spoke with an advisor, they were very accommodating and quick to respond. Emails are a little slower, but the few times we used them, we always had a response within 24 hours.

Having said that, the website and its features are quite simple to use, and the FAQ area does include a ton of information. Overall, we’d say there isn’t much of a need to get in touch with the support staff.

Rating for Ignition Poker

Sharks (and fish, for that matter) will always find it challenging to function in an anonymous gaming environment. This brand has consistently offered loose cash games as compared to other poker rooms, which is a positive aspect of the website.

Today’s online poker is very different from what it was in the past, with the sharks far outnumbering the fish overall. Despite this, Ignition still outperforms most of its rivals in terms of beatable games, offering just about the loosest of games.

Zone Poker does provide players with a huge range of tighter games to choose from, and that is essentially the same for all quick-fold poker variations. However, you don’t actually need to be a very cunning player to enjoy this kind of poker. Make a simple plan and implement it. Bluffing, as well as all the other poker tactics you might use, isn’t really essential and, in fact, can be rather harmful to your Zone gameplay.


It’s easy to understand why Ignition Poker is the best poker site for US players. I mean, it essentially satisfies every need for what would be regarded as a well-rounded online poker facility. Is there really anything keeping US players from joining given that it places such a strong emphasis on providing them with a fantastic environment in which to satiate their poker needs?

Despite having a prominent operator cast a shadow over it, Ignition Poker has succeeded in making a reputation for itself in the market. However, it is able to offer the perfect bonuses, security, and features to suit the requirements of its US gamers. In the future, it will undoubtedly provide even more.

It should come as no surprise that the platform sees a lot of traffic given that Zone Poker is included in its game lobby. On the poker platform, everything still feels new and exciting, which is something that not many online sites can keep over time. The service is even more tempting because it also allows for anonymous games, which gives a safer environment for less skilled players to ensure that they are not ambushed by those with more experience.

Overall, Ignition Poker’s layout and all of its features are amazing, and to be quite honest, we wouldn’t try to discourage anyone from signing up to play there.

Ignition Poker FAQ

Q: What Do Ignition Poker's Download Requirements Entail?

Your device has to have specific system features in order to run the program at its peak efficiency. These requirements include Flash Player version 16 or later, Windows 7 or later, 1GB or more of memory that is 32-bit, 200MB or more of free disk space, and an Intel Core two processor or later for a desktop PC. The ideal configuration for a desktop MAC contains the same specifications for Flash, CPU, and memory, 250MB of free disk space, and MAC OS X 10.7 (64bit).

Q:Do I Need to Show ID to Deposit Money?

Yes. To confirm that all players are above 18, that the credit card being used for deposits belongs to the rightful owner, and that you are the person to whom withdrawals will be made, Ignition as a whole requires you to supply details of your identity. This ID may be a front and back of a specific credit or debit card, a government-issued photo ID, a proof of address, a credit card verification form, or another kind of identification.

Q: Are Tax Authorities Advised of My Winnings?

Ignition Poker won’t publish this information, but you should check to see if your winnings need to be reported to the state taxing authority.

Q: If I make the most of the welcome bonus, would I be able to win extra money?

That is impossible to foresee because it relies on how the poker and casino games you must play to clear the bonus turn out.

Q: Bonus money can be forfeited, right?

Yes, there is no requirement that you accept a bonus at any given moment. Your choice is completely up to you.

Q: How can I be sure that Ignition is protecting my information?

Considering that the website uses an SSL to guarantee that all data supplied, received, and stored is done so in an encrypted format. To confirm that the website is indeed owned by Ignition and that everything is secure, look for the padlock icon in the address bar of your browser.

Q: How long will it take for my account to be verified?

Your documents are checked by the team and your account is fully validated in about 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Can I use the same account to play on all Ignition gaming platforms?

Yes. You can use your account to access the Ignition Poker, Casino, and Live Dealer sections.

Q: May I look at my hand history?

Yes, you have the choice to view it while seated at the table. In addition, you have the option of downloading everyone’s past 24-hour history.

Q: Do the games available at Ignition Poker have any tutorials that explain how to play them?

Yes, there is a thorough FAQ section on each specific facet of gambling, as well as some videos that could assist you put your understanding of poker into practice.

Q: What kind of poker players make up the majority of visitors to the site?

The primary focus of Ignition is novices, and it works to keep them safe from sharks who just care about their financial gain.

Q: What advantages do I receive from using Ignition's anonymous tables?

This feature ensures that your playing style won’t be used against you by assigning you a separate number at each table.

Q: Where Can I Get Bitcoin if I Want to Use It for Depositing and Withdrawing?

There are numerous online exchanges from where you can buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Use a safe cryptocurrency wallet along with looking for a few different ones to locate one with a fair exchange rate.

Q: Are there any more languages available on the Ignition Poker website?

You may view the website in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, yes.

Q: Can I cancel a withdrawal once I've requested it?

You can revoke a withdrawal request at any time after it enters the pending stage. You won’t be able to do that once it has moved past this stage, though.


Ignition Poker
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.5 Overall Rating

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