ClubGG Poker

ClubGG Poker

ClubGG of the GGpoker brand is one of the leading Poker clubs worldwide. They host numerous poker rooms on their intuitive app, and millions of international players between their Club GG and direct poker platforms. Let's review these Clubs!
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  • Great action both day and night
  • Quality, known brand
  • International players
  • High stakes action
  • Several quality clubs available
  • Opportunity to snipe casual players
  • Weekly Agent withdrawal system (typically)

ClubGG Poker Clubs: An In-Depth Review

The largest poker network in the world, GGNetwork, made the decision to enter the market for poker apps in 2021. They created ClubGG, a program that will compete with established brands like PPPoker or PokerBros Clubs. NSUS Limited, the parent company of GGPoker, created the software, which was still in beta testing in January 2021.

GGPoker is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones that allows users to host games with friends. Hong Kong law governs the app.

To your knowledge:

  • Any monetary value mentioned in our review is fully and exclusively supported by the respective club hosts.
  • Club GG is an online social gaming platform and does not offer any real money services.

Let’s highlight the key details in this club review, which includes:

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  • Is it safe and secure to play on this app?
  • Benefits of utilizing the app versus playing in traditional rooms.
  • How do clubs and agents operate, and how to pick the best clubs and dependable agents?
  • Games, software, bonuses, promotions, banking options, and more..

Are Worldwide Players Safe and Secure When Playing on ClubGG?

As the largest poker network, GGNetwork built Club GG Poker, we can say that the app’s dependability in terms of game fairness is guaranteed. An RNG used by GG has been approved by bmm test labs and given to NSUS Limited in October 2020. The app does not require a gaming license because it is not designed to offer real-money games.

  • ✓ Founded in 2021
  • ✓ RNG certificate is available
  • ✓ Identity confirmation is not required.

Your agent or affiliate is exclusively responsible for the security of your funds, just like with any club-based app. Club GG is unable to assist you if an unscrupulous agent defrauds you because it neither hosts nor supports any real-money games.

What Sets Rooms Apart from Conventional Rooms?

Detailing the principles of how club-based poker software works is advised for newcomers. Here, we’ll discuss what distinguishes this app from others, more seasoned websites:

  • ✓ As you can see on GG main website, there is no common lobby; each club has complete autonomy. You have access to them via an agent.
  • ✓ There is no in-app cashier; deposits are made by the club’s representative.
  • ✓ Fewer lineups than on typical sites; softer games.
  • ✓ Vertical tables: Games are shown vertically on computers just like they are on mobile devices.

ClubGG’s Clubs and Agents – How to Navigate It

Club GG is a private arena with its own set of rules, users, and features, much like its rival Xpoker. They all use GG’s software to host their games.

Paul Burke, the head of marketing operations at GGPoker, refers to the system as a home gaming app. It is made available to users who want to use virtual chips to play for free. Many poker unions and clubs, however, already have ClubGG in mind and are waiting for the right moment to introduce their own exclusive real-money poker tournaments, as you can see happening in UTG and Uproar unions.

There is no “Best ClubGG Club” because GG offers numerous real money clubs. Everything is based on the search criteria. When selecting a club, you should take stakes, game types, formats, and traffic into consideration.

The Clubs We Recommend for You Are As Follows:


1. Uproar Union Mars Club  (Best for PLO/NLH)  |  ID:548168  Agent ID: 63901186

Donkey Nation is one of the leading unions on Club GG with 15k joined members across clubs. They prioritize amateur players so expect a loose play. The majority of players are recreational players who play to pass the time and have some fun! Typically, the stakes are low to medium. In night time USA, there are about 5–10 busy tables.

donkey nation clubgg club union

2.  UTG MOON club Poker (Best for NLH)  ID: 118883 Agent ID: 63901186

The very first UTG Union. The club is primarily populated by players from Russia, the CIS, and Ukraine, so the tables are rather tight. Although not the softest club, it makes up for it with great action around the clock and fair bonus offers and freerolls. For the majority of the time, games are up to NL400.

3. ClubGG Club the300 (Best for NLH/PLO5)

This club is a member of the Israel Kingdom ClubGG Union. There are many whales playing high-stakes PLO5 in this incredible environment. Use a VPN with Israel settings after making an account on the ClubGG application. You’ll then have an Israel flag next to your avatar and be all set to participate in these casual games.

4. Club Super Mario (Best for PLO5)

International club, part of the ClubGG CryptoGG Union. High stakes and nosebleed PLO5 action. Extremely soft games with tons of amateur players, who donate their chips, Upon creating an account on the app, use VPN with Israel settings. This will give you an Israel flag next to your avatar and you are ready to play (not a must).

5. Club Manilla (Best for NLH)  |   ID: Contact Us A brand-new American club that is leading the formation of an entirely new alliance. There are now three USA Unions. The only winners in a competition between different ClubGG Unions may be the players because we would be receiving bonuses and other incentives.


6. Club Sunny Alpacas (Best for NLH/PLO)| ID: Contact Us The American Uproar Union includes this US-based club. Low traffic is the main downside of this easy-to-win club.. Up to 5/10 are on the line. many careless players engage in recreational play.


7. Poker Craze (Best for NLH) ID: Contact Us

An exclusive club that is not a member of any Union. Although games are rare, they are worthwhile when they do run. Russian, American, and Asian (Korean) players together in an odd combination good for freerolls and bum hunting.


But if you can’t look for a club that suits you, you can always create your own club! That’s the beauty of these apps.

Steps on How to Open Your Own Club:

Starting a club is simple. You can host games for your pals with just a few clicks:

  • On the main lobby, select “Create Club.”

  • Select an avatar and a name, then click “Create”.

  • The app will verify the creation of the club and display the ID and other information. Select Enter.

All you need are those 3 steps to open a club. With the ID, your pals can now invite you to their club. However, in order to begin playing, the host must also set up tables.

  • When you are inside the club, select “Create New Table” from the top-left menu.
  • Decide on the game format.
  • Fill in the information for the new table:
    1. Tournament or ring game, table name, and participant count
    2. Action, blinds, and ante (if any)
    3. Buy-in (with a fee for MTT), Rake
    4. MTT options: Guaranteed prize, payout system, blind structure, and break time
    5. Comprehensive insurance, Run it many times, Game length (it can be extended automatically)
    6. Restrictions (IP, GPS, Device, Chatting).

Where Can I Get a Trustworthy Agent?

In the absence of regulation and relationships basing it solely on trust, promoter and club fraud has occurred frequently and continues to happen.

Ask yourself the following questions before putting your trust in an agent:

  1. Do you have a stable cash flow? If that is the case, what would happen if the club folded and your agent opted to leave? Keep in mind that the games are hosted by clubs and that it is no longer tough to vanish;
  2. What credentials does your agent hold? Does he have a website? Is he well-known? consistently verify his credentials;
  3. Watch out for welcome bonuses or unachievable free chips – rake-back is the optimal steady way for a serious long-term agent to keep is players happy.
  4. How quickly are payments handled? It’s not always a good idea to have satisfaction right away. You might be receiving someone else’s money!

ClubGG’s Games, Stake, and Software

Exciting Games Await You

No-Limit Hold ’em and Pot-Limit Omaha are the game types that can be played on the GG app while it is in the beta stage. NLHE and PLO will shortly be joined by 6+ and OFC (Open Face Chinese). This is consistent with the video games on the GG Network. We expect this format to be made accessible soon as PLO5 is a popular game on mobile poker apps.

Once the first unions are formed, we anticipate that they will offer a wide variety of stakes. For the most recent stakes information, be sure to check out updates on our GG review.

A Mobile Friendly App

Platforms supported: iOS and Android

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store both offer GG Poker to users globally. On iOS, there is no need to install an additional profile. All other club-based apps have a design that is comparable to the client. The player’s fundamental information is displayed at the top, while five buttons at the bottom provide access to various sections:

  • Store: purchase diamonds
  • Inbox: System notifications and confirmations of club actions (chips received, club open, etc.)
  • Home: main lobby
  • Your statistics for a career. You have the option of filtering by club and game.
  • User profile; whole hand history is available here.

Similar to the GGNetwork mobile client, the ClubGG app’s table layout. To express your feelings at the tables, use the official GGPoker emojis. A vertical slider and numeric pad are provided for changing the amount or going all-in, in addition to the normal buttons for betting (pot and 2BB). Only vertical mode is available for table display.

It is forbidden to use solvers, bots, or any other real-time assistance.

The Club GG Poker app is quite well made. While playing, we had no problems. When the program exits beta mode, we anticipate the development team to have added a significant number of new features. This software appears to have a bright future.

Promotions and Bonuses of ClubGG

The platform itself discourages using real money to gamble. You can see the lack of welcome bonuses from the start. However, this does not imply that the clubs created on the platform won’t. Private game hosts will entice you to play by offering you huge promotions.

Rake Structure

The rake schedule for each table is entirely up to the game host. Caps range from 0.1BB-3BB to infinite, and commissions are between 3 and 5 percent (no-cap games).

The rake schedule is reasonable in our opinion, however, no-cap tables must be disclosed to players. GGNetwork previously employed this format for PLO games, however, it was replaced with a conventional structure with caps.

Banking Options

Diamond purchases are the only real-money transactions permitted in the Club GG Poker client. Play money is used to play all games. The Terms & Conditions include the following language:

The selling, gifting, or dealing of Virtual Items outside of the Services (i.e., in the “real world”) is not permitted. It is not permitted to exchange virtual goods for the value of any type outside of a game, sublicense, trade, sell, or attempt to sell virtual goods for “real” money. Such actions are against the terms of this Agreement and NSUS Limited.

As a result, any real-money transactions you enter into will be private agreements between you and an agent.

Customer Assistance

There are two ways to contact customer service:

  • Message sent internally by the client (named “live-chat,” but there are no agents connected).
  • Contact info:

Once the project is officially launched, we anticipate that GGPoker’s customer support will be at the same level as GGNetwork.

Final Thoughts

Just as GGPoker is monopolizing the real money poker market, ClubGG is already doing the same for the club-based poker app market. By now, 2024, a lot of new clubs are already launched thanks to the app popularity. Many of them will continue to be available just to our players. To reserve your spot and avoid falling behind this new poker trend, get in touch with us. Simply follow our to keep up with the newest fashions. And don’t forget to always play responsibly.

The following is something that we at Full House Clubs endorse:

  • Private poker clubs that provide a “Home-Game Experience”
  • Play with friends, for no charge
  • supported by the GGNetwork
  • Exceptional mobile experience
  • Likely Soft Games
  • RNG-Certified
  • Bankroll guaranteed
  • Excellent Rakeback Offers via SMP
  •  Lightning-fast customer service

ClubGG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is this app legitimate?
Since ClubGG is a free-to-play application, no gaming license is necessary. However, since GGNetwork is supporting it, dependability is ensured.
Q: How can I get the app?
Visit, their official website, and click ‘download’ on Apple Store or Google. With this one, you don’t need to clear your cookies!
Q: Is my data secure?
ClubGG is expected to follow commercially reasonable procedures to help keep the data gathered through the app secure in accordance with their privacy policy. You are in charge of protecting the privacy of your special password, account information, and emails between you and ClubGG, as is the case with all poker operators. The Privacy Policy portion of their Help section of the app has more information on how they use player information.
Q: Can I play GG on an iOS or an Android device?
Yes, both iOS and Android smartphones may download the ClubGG poker app. We used the software to test it on an iPhone 8 and a Samsung Galaxy S10, and both devices performed flawlessly.
Q: What nations are prohibited from playing GG?
The Club GG Poker can be downloaded and installed in any country; however, the terms and conditions state that it is the player’s responsibility to confirm its legality.
Q: What Games of Poker can we play on ClubGG?
Cash Games NLH, PLO, MTTs with OFC, and 6+ Holdem will all be available soon. The app is genuinely available from our site, the Apple Store, and the Google Play Store. The application is stable and easy to use. An Android emulator can be used to play games on a PC.
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
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Customer Support
5.0 Overall Rating

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