Upoker clubs are a play money room application that offers poker club action . Upoker is availble on both iOS, Android and PC Very similar to PokerBros and PPPoker – is used to host private games. Let's cover those clubs!
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  • Hold’em, Omaha, OFC, Short-Deck, MTTs are all available on Upoker.
  • Quick and easy withdrawal/deposit with Agent system
  • Download with Play Store/iOS App Store
  • consistent action from NL13/PLO13 up to mid stakes
  • Desktop emulator for the time being
  • More clubs needed

Upoker, Its Clubs and Agent: A Closer Look

Upoker is a mobile poker app that was released in 2019, and since then, it has grown rapidly, becoming well-known not only in the Asian market but also internationally – India, Vietnam, and Malaysia are home to the biggest unions.

Upoker followed PPPoker and PokerBros’ lead, and if you are familiar with them or any other similar online poker software, everything about the Upoker app will be quite familiar to you. The idea behind private online poker clubs’ games, which try to establish a new dynamic between players and poker rooms, is the same: a very useful interface.

The app appears to be merely a play-money software (with no real money services) that focuses on home gaming, but in fact, chips at the numerous Upoker clubs are traded for real money. Poker players, particularly those who reside in nations like the United States and others with severe restrictions, can use a play money app in this manner for real money games.

In our Upoker review, we will outline the most important information including:

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  • Are players safe and secure while playing?
  • What advantages does using the app over playing in conventional rooms offer?
  • How do its clubs and agents work and how can I choose the right clubs and a trusted agent?
  • Games, software, bonuses, and promotions

Are Players Safe and Secure When Playing PPPoker?

Because Upoker is “simply a play money platform,” it lacks a gambling license. Every financial arrangement between clubs and players is predicated on trust.

Two separate laboratories have examined the RNG (Random Number Generator) (Gaming Labs and bmm test labs). It is 100% legitimate, according to both companies.

So, we have a space that promises its games won’t be warped. But keep in mind that your agent is solely responsible for the security of your money. The website has no affiliation with clubs that deal in actual money, therefore it won’t support you if something goes wrong.

We are aware of the concerns players have about playing in these poker rooms. Any queries you may have will be addressed by our manager, who will also provide information on our guarantees and dangers.

Moreover, In order to make its games safer, UPoker has been the industry leader in mobile app-based poker security over the years by implementing features like e-mail binding, IP/GP restriction, puzzle verification, and password-protected tables. UPoker has contracted S9 Security to perform in-depth security studies as a way to strengthen their security even more.

Poker professionals S9 Security have more than 30 years of experience between them. They focus on poker-related cheating investigations while keeping an eye out for disruptive behavior and cyberbullying at the tables. On all UPoker tables, S9 Security works to eliminate fraud and disruptive behavior.

More significantly, constant table surveillance safeguards your data and chips while also shielding you from dishonest players and improving game performance.

What Distinguishes Upoker Rooms from Traditional Ones?

We advise novices to read the entire article outlining the fundamentals of how club-based poker applications function. Here, we’ll outline what makes Upoker unique compared to more established websites:

  • No shared lobby; each club is totally autonomous. Through an agent, you can access them.
  • Deposits are made by the club’s agent; there is no in-app cashier.
  • Softer games – lesser lineups than on traditional sites.
  • Vertical tables: Just like on a mobile phone, games are shown vertically, even on a computer.

Upoker’s Clubs and Agents – How to Navigate It

Similar to its counterpart, ClubGG Poker, Upoker Clubs are little private spaces with their own set of guidelines, users, and features. They all host their games using Upoker software.

Using the following scenario, let’s examine how clubs and agents operate:

  • The agent makes a player recommendation to his team. He provides a thorough explanation (currency, rakeback, payment methods, etc.)
  • The player provides money to the agency once the terms have been agreed upon (for example, via Bitcoin or USDT).
  • After the transaction has been approved, the grinder manually adds chips to their account via an admin panel.
  • When making a withdrawal, the player writes to his agent with the requested amount and wallet information. The middleman then pulls chips from the player’s Upoker account and sends the requested amount.

We can infer that agents serve as cashiers and athlete support in addition to advertising clubs. Needless to say, it’s crucial to exercise extreme caution while selecting such a person and to only collaborate with reliable individuals.

Since PPPoker has several real money clubs, there is no “Best Upoker Club.” The search criteria are what determines everything. You should take stakes, game kinds, formats, and traffic into account when choosing a club that suits you.

Here Are Some of the Upoker We Recommend for You:

 1. Upoker Club ISRLocals (Best for PLO5)  ID: 109021  Agent ID: ContactUs

Exclusive private club with hardly any Israeli players. This Upoker Club has a closed-door policy and is not affiliated with any union. One of the softest PLO5 tables at mid-stakes can be found there.


2. Upoker Club Carioca (Best for PLO6 / MTT)  ID: 15646 Agent ID: ContactUs

Brazilian club that participates in Upoker Union Liga H2 Brazil. It features all of the Grand Union tables from Upoker in addition to a few more that are just available to this membership and are priced in reals. There is a lot of traffic.


3. Upoker Club Straddle (Best for NLH)  |  ID: 102080  Agent ID: ContactUs

This private poker room, located inside of Upoker Union Poker’s Capital, features an intriguing mix of players from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the UK, and Germany. This is one of the best locations to play NLH, thus it appears that the formula is effective. The highest stakes are 1/2 or 2/4, which is very modest, but fortunately, the games are very forgiving. Most tables have an 8-max limit.

4. Upoker Club Fischeih (Best for PLO5 / PLO6)  |  ID: 500500 Agent ID: ContactUs

This private Upoker club is not a member of an Upoker Union. There are only 4-6 tables active at once, however, they are all occupied with players. Enjoy high-stakes Omaha while being carefree. This is excellent in private games.


5. Upoker Club Dinasty (Best for PLO)  ID: 112212 Agent ID: ContactUs

Upoker Union USA Reloaded is the newest addition to the app. This Upoker alliance focuses on American players, as the name would imply. The majority of the players, though, are not Americans. The primary purpose of this union was to hold Heads Up competitions. However, over time, Heads Up tables vanished and a small private Omaha pool started to emerge.


6. Upoker Club Panda Poker (Best for PLO)  ID: 42291  Agent ID: ContactUs

There is no Upoker Union affiliated with this exclusive club. Currently, this club is arguably among the softest. The only drawback is that there are rarely more than three active tables for traffic. Perfect for low- to medium-stakes secondary clubs.



7. Upoker Club Barracuda (Best for PLO6)  |  ID: 500500 Agent ID: ContactUs

Upoker Union The Future is the newest feature to the app. A very good calendar of tournaments in the European Union. Although this European Upoker Club is still in its infancy, there are already some excellent mid-stakes Omaha games.


Where Can I Find a Reliable Agent?

There have been and still are many cases of promoter fraud, which is only normal in the absence of regulation and relationships built on trust.

Agents have been known to take athletes’ money, so it’s imperative to be mindful.

Before putting your trust in an agent, consider these questions:

  1. Is your cash flow secure? If that’s the case, what would your agent lose if the club collapsed and he decided to quit? Remember that clubs host the games and that disappearing is no longer difficult;
  2. What qualifications does your agent possess? Is there a webpage for him? Is he popular? Do you know him personally? always check his credentials;
  3. Be wary of welcome offers or free chips that are unrealistic.
  4. How soon are payments processed? Instant gratification isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s possible that you’re getting someone else’s cash.

Upoker’s Games, Softwares, and Traffic

Exciting Games Awaits You

You can play a variety of games at Upoker, including Hold’em, PLO, Short Deck, and OFC (Open Face Chinese).

A Software that’s Mobile Friendly

The Upoker app is accessible on PC, iOS, and Android. Through the PC client, you may play up to 4 tables simultaneously, which is not terrible for multi-tabling.

The software operates wonderfully on a PC in comparison to competitors. The development is being handled by a Malaysian company called Calian Tech Marketing PLT.

You can still use a hand converter to add support for external HUD from trackers like Holdem Manager 3, PokerTracker 4, Hand2Note, or DriveHUD even if Upoker outlawed the usage of Android emulators, a decision that had a positive overall environmental impact.

Utilizing the software is necessary for real-time statistics display.

Daily Visitors

  • typically 20–30000 gamers online
  • In Southeast Asia, the evening is the best time to play.

Although it is still relatively new, Upoker receives thousands of daily visitors. The twelve clubs in this application will be accessible through our company.

Because each is more popular with players from a specific region (Asian, Latin America, or Europe), the peak of traffic happens at various times throughout the day. In the course of the evening, Southeast Asian tables are the busiest.

The disciplines that are most active are:

  1. NLH, mostly at 6-max tables and NL10–NL50k stakes.
  2. Games ranging from $0.1 to $50 for PLO (4-5, Hi/Lo).
  3. Jackpots of up to $6 are offered by OFC (Chinese Poker).
  4. MTT with monetary guarantees in the tens of thousands.

Softness of the Field

Upoker’s soft lineups are the most alluring aspect. In a classic room, it’s hard to find villains as weak as those on this site. Amateurs who previously frequented underground clubs and home games but now primarily visit websites include:

  • Playing is more convenient.
  • Less regulars.
  • Playing with pals is possible, just as in real life.
  • For nations where gambling is prohibited, not having to deal with identification verification or P2P deposits is a significant bonus.

Promotions and Perks

Like conventional poker venues, Upoker offers no-deposit incentives. It makes sense given that the room is actually a tool for playing with virtual chips.

Promotions are occasionally held in the main lobby with rewards in gold money, but less frequently with popular devices (iPhones, PS5, etc.). Large MTT tournament series, like the $2,000,000 GTD U-Series of Poker, occasionally occur.

Progressive bad beat jackpots are available in most clubs, and they can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Upoker Rake and Rakeback

Rakeback is always given to our Upoker players in every club. Depending on the club, the proportion can be anything from 10 and 35 percent.

The normal rake for mobile apps is 5%, with limitations of 2BB or 3BB depending on the stake.

It is usually best to verify with our manager for the most recent information on rake and rakeback as these indicators may differ from club to club.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

In Upoker, agents handle all financial settlements. Each club’s chip worth is typically based on the local currency, such as the Philippine Peso, Malaysian Ringgit, Brazilian Real, Thai Bat, etc.

Your partner determines the wallets that are accessible for deposits and withdrawals. The most widely used payment options are shown below:

Overall, the app’s handling of money leaves a lot to be desired, particularly for people accustomed to making transactions with a single click.

Final Thoughts

Upoker provides a cutting-edge user interface with excellent features for both desktop and mobile, making it the perfect choice for those searching for a seamless poker gaming experience. Finding soft clubs to play at is not an issue, and their app’s multi-tabling features operate without a problem.

But for PRO players, the Upoker app has a number of drawbacks, including the tables’ vertical orientation, the ban on emulator use, and the requirement that many difficulties be handled by an agent.

On the other hand, Upoker is a necessary addition to the PokerBros clubs and PPPoker setup for people who are accustomed to playing in mobile and Chinese poker rooms.

The choice of a poker room (club, app) for newcomers and enthusiasts will be greatly impacted by where friends play (what they recommended).


  • One of the softest fields.
  • Asian newcomers were seated at the tables.
  • MTT series featuring a $2,000,000 guarantee.
  • Decent traffic all the time.


  • No cashier in the front.
  • A strange portrait interface.

Upoker’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Where can I get the Upoker app?
By going to their official website at https://www.Upoker.net/, you can download the Upoker app. Select a download link from the Windows, App Store, or Google Play. 
Q: How is the Upoker software installed?
The program is quick and simple to install. Simply download it from the Upoker website and install it on your smartphone like any other app. In order to ensure that you always have the most recent version of the app on your phone, we advise enabling automatic app updates.
Q: Is Upoker a scam or legitimate?
Upoker’s games are fair and secure because it has a Certificate of Integrity from Gaming Labs. Additionally, they have an internal anti-fraud unit to combat bots and collusion.
Q: Are players around the world allowed to join?
Yes. The Upoker community and clubs are open to poker players from all over the world. To begin, simply create an account and select a username.
Q: How can I deposit and withdraw from fund my Upoker account ?
On Upoker, all transactions are handled by agents. Contact Full House Clubs for guidance.
Q: At Upoker, is my deposit secure?
If there is a problem with the club, Full House Clubs promises that your deposits on Upoker will be returned in full. We carefully selected the club owners and contacts we use on Upoker, and we only work with respectable people who have a proven track record of payouts. We want to provide our players with peace of mind while they play on Upoker, thus we offer a 100% money guarantee on deposits.
Q: Can I play for free on Upoker?
Before making a deposit, you can inspect the table at the ‘Deposit and Withdrawal Options’ section. We advise playing in real money cash games and tournaments straight away because the competition is lower on Upoker than it is on other established online poker sites.
Trust & Fairness
Games & Software
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating

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