X-Poker club app is fairly new, which makes it an unexplored field filled with recreational players and a lot of gamblers. X poker clubs are mostly geared towards Asian communities.
Users from Canada are accepted
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  • X-Poker is still new poker app, which makes it unexplored field, filled with recreational players and a lot of gamblers.
  • X-Poker has no gaming license as they offer only “play-money” games.

Best X-Poker Clubs | X-Poker Review

Late in 2020, a new poker platform called X-Poker app came out. The app was made by the Malaysian company Funnygames, which is part of Talpa Network, the biggest media holding company in the Netherlands and a leader in Europe’s casual games market.

In X-Poker Clubs, the business model is simple: chips have a value under the table and can be used as play money.

Best X-Poker Clubs

X-Poker Rakeback

The promotions you get depend on your poker agent, just like with any other club-based app. When you sign up with Full House Clubs, you’ll get a unique deposit guarantee and a great Rakeback deal. The structure of the rake is set by the person running the game. It is usually 5 percent, with a cap of 3bb.

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X-Poker Reliability

The X-Poker app has a valid RNG certificate from Gaming Labs. It was issued on September 21, 2020, and is good until September 30, 2021. The document is sent to Pony Technology Co., Limited, which seems to be based in Hong Kong but has no public information online (the support phone number is also from that area).

As usual, X-Poker doesn’t have a gaming license because they only offer games for “play money.”

X-Poker Clubs and Unions

You need to know the ID and send a request to the administrators in order to join. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see the tables in the lobby and see how busy it is.

ThePokerAgent lets you join the best X-Poker app clubs, and our list is always updated. Get in touch with our team to find out more, and check the tables before you make a deposit.

X-Poker Games and Stakes

X-Poker Games and Stakes

On X-Poker, you can play Holdem, PLO, PLO 5, MTT, 6+, and OFC games. You can play Open Face Chinese poker with jokers. There are No-Limit Hold’em games that go up to NL1k and Omaha games that go up to PLO2k. Poker players who play for micro and low stakes will have a lot of games to choose from. Since 6+ Hold’em is a very popular game in the Asian poker community, X-Poker also has tables for short-deck poker.

Surprisingly often, the bigger stakes do come up. The softer games make up for the fact that there aren’t as many players as at more established poker sites. Compared to the big poker networks, playing on this site is more like playing poker with your friends at home over the internet.

Join X-Poker Clubs

Full House Clubs only offers X-Poker clubs that are safe and have soft games. At the moment, the platform is much less busy than other poker apps such as Poker Bros, so we decided to only offer clubs that get a fair amount of traffic. The main problem with X-Poker clubs is that there are usually fewer active tables and only NLH, PLO5, OFC, and MTT poker formats.

As you can see, most of the developed X-Poker Unions are in Asia, which is very helpful because the players are all beginners. Since X-Poker is still not very popular, there aren’t any good players around.

You can join these clubs with us:

♣X-POKER CLUB ID: 818832


♣REFERAL ID: 722522



♣TRAFFIC: 6/10


Note, 1 CHIP = 0.04 USD.


Gmabit PH

♣X-POKER CLUB ID: 278197

♣REFERAL ID: 722522



♣TRAFFICK : 6/10







♣TRAFFICK : 4/10



Your Turn PH





♣TRAFFICK : 5/10




Since X-Poker is still a new poker app, it is still a largely unexplored field with a lot of casual players and gamblers. Within the first week of launching, we were already in the top three best X-Poker unions, and one of our players was tearing through high-stakes tables like a chainsaw through butter. Not uncommon on other poker apps like ClubGG clubs.

Full House Clubs has more experience than anyone else in the world of club-based apps. We give our customers safe access and rakeback deals to the world’s softest unions. Our team is always ready to help our customers. For more poker deals keep checking our poker rooms page.

X-Poker Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that X-Poker is rigged?

X-Poker has a certificate from Gaming Labs verifying the fairness of their RNG. Funnygames is part of Talpa Network, the largest Dutch media holding company, and is responsible for developing their poker app. When it comes to casual gaming in Europe, Talpa Network is the undisputed market leader. Your initial deposit is also fully protected when you sign up through Full House Clubs.

X-Poker: Where Can I Get It?

For the Android or iOS version, go to https://www.X-Poker.net/ and follow the instructions there. You won’t need to delete your cookies when using this one.

How to know the procedure for making my initial deposit and subsequent withdrawal?

X-Poker accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether deposits and withdrawals through a network of trusted third parties. In order to discuss payment options, please contact our staff on Telegram at @FullHouseAgent.

Is it safe to make a deposit into X-Poker?

When you join a club through us, your initial deposit is fully protected. If the unthinkable were to occur, you would be protected by this guarantee.

How low is X-minimum Poker’s deposit requirement?

Each of the private X-Poker clubs accessible via Full House Clubs requires a deposit of at least $100 before allowing entry. If you want to know the specifics of how to get started playing, just hit us up on Telegram and we’ll explain everything in detail.

Will Bitcoin be accepted for my deposit?

Players from all over the world can make deposits with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and USDT.

Is it secure for me to use X-Poker?

In accordance with the terms of service, X-Poker must maintain the confidentiality of your information. Pony Technology Co., Limited, the company that operates X-Poker, is dedicated to meeting all relevant privacy regulations and other legal and regulatory requirements. The website has a Privacy Policy section where you can learn more about how they handle player data.

Is there a problem with game safety?

With the safety of our players in mind, we only do business with club owners we are familiar with. At X-Poker, safety is priority number one when it comes to running your poker games. Players caught abusing the system or cheating in any way, including by using in-game solvers or other real-time software, will be punished by X-built-in Poker’s App Security feature. You should notify X-Poker immediately if you notice anything fishy going on at the poker tables. Send an email to support@x-poker.net detailing your findings.

Does X-Poker offer rakebacks?

A quarterly basis rakeback from all X-Poker cash games is yours to keep when you sign up through Full House Clubs. If you have any questions, please contact our support staff.

May I ask if X-Poker offers any free play?

Yes, unrestricted play has been allowed. If you want to test out the app, you can play poker in the international lobby.

Is there an X-Poker app for smartphones?

In a word, yes, the X-Poker mobile app runs smoothly on both iOS and Android. We put the app through its paces on an iPhone X and an iPad 8, and found that it performed flawlessly on both devices.

It is possible to use a personal computer to play X-Poker.

Yes! If you want to play X-Poker on your desktop PC, you can do so by installing an Android emulator and then downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

How about using an emulator to play X-Poker?

Absolutely! With an Android emulator, X-Poker can run smoothly on a regular computer.

In what way can one acquire the Android version of X-Poker?

To get the Android app, head over to https://x-poker.net/ and click the Google Play download icon.

Is a Mac computer system compatible with X-Poker?

No, if you’re using the Mac OS client. The poker app for Mac can be installed by advanced users running Windows in Bootcamp. While a desktop client is still in development, you can play X-Poker on Windows by installing an Android emulator and then adding the game’s APK file to it.

Just how high do the stakes get on X-Poker?

X-Poker offers games from NL20 up to NL2k, as well as PLO20 down to PLO1k. Mid- and high-stakes games do occasionally take place during the Asian evenings, though not as reliably as they do on major sites like GGPoker.

Tell me about the various X-Poker clubs that my friends and I can join.

Send a message to our support staff on Telegram to be added to the guest list for the top X-Poker clubs. Since X-Poker just came out in late 2020, there aren’t a ton of players at the moment. However, the cash game action is quite soft in comparison to longer-running online poker rooms.

Does X-Poker allow players from the United States?

You can play X-Poker from the United States because there are no restrictions based on where you are located.

Can X-Poker be played in the UK?

There are no country restrictions, so players from the UK are welcome to join in the fun.

Does X-Poker host any Asian-themed clubs?

In all honesty, the majority of X-Poker rooms can be found in the Far East.

What do I do if I need assistance from X-Poker?

If you need assistance that isn’t detailed in our Frequently Asked Questions section, feel free to contact X-support Poker’s staff at support@x-poker.net. In addition, you can peruse their site to learn more about their terms and conditions in general.

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