Poker Tracker 4: Is It The Best Poker Tracking Software?

Newcomers and seasoned players agree that Poker Tracker 4 is the second-best tracking software.

Poker tracker 4

Statistics for Holdem and Omaha cash games and tournaments can be analyzed and viewed in real-time. You can easily analyze your game with Poker Tracker 4, also known as PT4, thanks to its plethora of features, including the ability to filter hands for the specific case you want to study, create graphics with available custom statistics within the software, create reports, and play backhands with or without ICM calculations.

PT4 also includes the ICM Calculator & Quiz, Equity Calculator, Setup Assistant, LeakTracker, and NoteTracker. Tournament players, in particular, can benefit from using an ICM Calculator when they are making a deep run, and the money jumps are substantial.

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Poker Tracker is cross-platform, meaning it works with Windows and Mac computers. You can try PT4 for 30 days risk-free and use it in real cash sports just like you can with Holdem Manager.

The license is valid for two machines. The trial version of Holdem Poker Tracker 4 is available for download.

Poker tracker 4 free trial for 14 days

Software for Keeping Tabs

I’m just checking in with you I was asked to write something about using trackers for Full House Clubs, so here it is.

With my expertise in trackers, their applications, and, ultimately, their implementation in your game, I was able to create the aforementioned graph. Given the scope of the topic and the intended audience (players debating whether or not to invest in a tracker), I’ll start with the fundamentals here and may follow up with more in-depth pieces at a later date.

The Use of Trackers Begs the Question: Why?

In my career as a poker pro player, I’ve found that focusing on hourly profits is crucial. Trackers allow you to access a wealth of data with just a glance at your HUD (Heads Up Display). If you’ve seen pictures of video games, you’ve probably noticed a small box next to the player’s name.

A substantial advantage over a player who isn’t using a HUD can be attained with enough data (hands). On the other hand, your HUD is at its most helpful when you’re juggling multiple tasks at once. This is because it is impossible to keep track of every detail in a single table when you have dozens of them open at once.

Suppose you are playing six cash game tables simultaneously and have a good hand on the button at one of them, but the cut-off has opened. Based on the opener, you can either call or fold this hand, but you haven’t had time to study the cutoff.

Poker tracker HUD engine

You use the information provided by your HUD to determine the type of opponent you’re up against and then make the most appropriate move. That settles the matter. Having a tracker is like getting a free EV.

Since these estimations are easily manipulated by your emotions, even if you play only one table at a time, it may be difficult to estimate how frequently adversaries will play against you (three-betting, trying to raise your blinds, etc.). When someone is “playing a lot of hands” against you, it’s easy to assume they are. Because of this, there is always room for improvement, and any new information about poker should be welcomed with open arms.

How to even Begin?

It’s best to take things slowly at first. Understanding the significance of the data rather than being overwhelmed by a barrage of numbers is of paramount importance. I advise focusing on just three statistics first: VPIP, RFI, and the 3-bet.

The acronym VPIP stands for “voluntarily put money in the pot” and indicates what percentage of hands a specific player at your table is playing. A quick glance at a player’s VPIP% can reveal whether or not they are playing too many hands.

Seeing your opponent’s RFI (Raise first) from every position is a useful HUD feature, but you should consider displaying it in a separate column. To answer your question: If you use RFI total, you’ll get an average across all positions, but two players who play, say, 10-25-45-75-25 and 35-35-35-35-35 will have wildly different ranges in different situations and probably very different levels of poker understanding, even though they’ll both show up as “35” on your HUD.

3-bet%. Estimates the pre-flop raising probability of an opponent’s bet. This statistic will prove invaluable when deciding whether to narrow or widen your opening range from a given starting position.

You’ll notice that I focused exclusively on preflop statistics because they are the most amenable to improvement and will almost certainly increase your table winnings. Once you have a firm grasp of these fundamental metrics, delving deeper into the proper use of the tracker will come more naturally to you.

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If the thought of having a heads-up display (HUD) or any other extra numbers on your screen makes you queasy, you should still get tracking software. In the end, it will help you keep tabs on your progress (hence the term “tracking software”) and automatically save your hands, so you can assess your play after each session. Having “evidence” that you are, in fact, just “running bad” can be comforting during upswings and reassuring during downswings.

Trying to make the best use of our data is what separates the winners in a game of insufficient knowledge.

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