The Complete Guide To Holdem Manager 3 – Is It The ONE You’re Looking For?

Innovative features of Holdem Manager 3 include a HUD (a heads-up display), a tracker, and stats. In other words, you have everything you need to exploit your opponents fully. Using HEM3 statistics can help you learn a great deal. Start a free trial today.

Holdem Manager 3

One example is the ability to view the data of one’s online opponents in real time via either a simple or complex heads-up display. Since your opponents probably won’t be using tracking software, you’ll have a leg up when it comes to making the right calls at the tables.

What Are The Benefits?

The absence of trackers and a HUD makes playing online poker akin to aiming in the dark. You might be able to see the aim transfer and likely catch a few preys, but you’re passing a big chunk of your great edge to win unused!

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Features of Holdem Manager 3

One of the best additions to Holdem Manager 3 is the ability to examine your hand’s profitability. River check-raises, 3bet pots, single-raised pots, stack sizes, 4bet pots, turn bets, flop bets, and every other possible filter can be applied to the hands. With HEM3, you can generate both graphical reports and detailed explanations of the data it analyzes. As an added bonus, Holdem Manager 3 allows you to combine multiple databases and user names.

Individual hand replayers should not be forgotten. You can look back at your hand histories from the beginning of your poker journey with Holdem Manager 3, which is especially useful once you’ve made it to high-stakes tournaments or cash games and are hoping to replicate your earlier success with the help of this amazing software.

Discerning players will make full use of Holdem Manager 3’s capabilities. In this way, HM3 can show you exactly what you need to do to improve your game and start winning more frequently.

These are some of the features that can be found in HEM3:

  • Screens That Appear Directly In Front Of Your Eyes
  • Animated HUD
  • Live Game Coverage and Recap
  • Perspectives Based on the Situation
  • Tough Hand Filters
  • Reactions to Our Visual Competitors
  • The Replayer HM Apps support 12 of the most popular poker sites and 14 different languages.

The Holdem Manager 3 Licensing Process

Following are the main features Manager 3 comes with something like a lifetime lease and notifications & additional features to be accessible to you free for the first year. Two computers are supported by a single license. This will be very helpful if you have a desktop computer for grinding at home and a laptop for when you’re on the go.

Beginning in the second year, it is highly suggested that you sign up for Annual HM3 Support and Maintenance. Doing so ensures that you always have the most recent version of Holdem Manager 3, which includes all bug fixes and new features as soon as they become available. These packages cost $25 for Holdem or Omaha Small Stakes and $40 for Holdem or Omaha Full.

Hold’em Manager 3: Try It for Free

In order to ensure your satisfaction, we provide a free 14-day trial version with no strings attached. Just give it a shot; we have a feeling you’ll like it a lot and end up using it for many more productive sessions in the future. After your trial of HM3 is over, you can continue using the software in a limited capacity if you so choose.

Users of Omaha & Holdem Manager 3’s trial version gain access to the following features:

  • The 14-day time frame is supported for all cash game and tournament buy-ins.
  • Report and HUD Trial Message
  • After the trial period ends, you can continue using a scaled-down version of HM3.
  • The HM3 Apps page is currently unavailable (it can be upgraded with the paid version)

Cost of Holdem Manager 3

holdem manager 3 pricing options

The cost of HM3 fluctuates based on the specific edition chosen. Here is a rundown of all the available packages and their respective prices:

  • Small Stakes versions of Holdem and Omaha cost $60.
  • Small Stakes Combo of HM3 and OM3 (Omaha Manager) for $100
  • Both the Holdem and Omaha All-Stakes tournaments are $100.
  • All Stakes $160 for HM3 + OM3 (Omaha Manager) Bundle

Tracking Software: How to Utilize It

In response to a request from Full House Clubs, I’ll be writing a short guide on how to make the most of tracking software.

With my expertise in trackers, their applications, and, ultimately, their implementation in your game, I was able to create the aforementioned graph. Given the scope of the topic and the intended audience (players debating whether or not to invest in a tracker), I’ll start with the fundamentals here and may follow up with more in-depth pieces at a later date.

example of HUD

When should you use HM3 and why?

I play poker professionally, so I’m always looking for ways to increase my hourly rate of return. I do this by studying poker with a tracker tool and engaging in regular poker training (sometimes from legit poker training sites) to improve my skills. Trackers allow you to access a plethora of data with just a glance at your HUD. You may be familiar with HUD from photos, where it appears as a small box next to the player’s name.

When used with sufficient information (hands), HUDs provide a significant advantage over players who aren’t employing them. When you’re multitasking, however, your HUD really shines. This is because it is impossible to keep track of every detail in a single table when you have dozens of them open at once.

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If you’re playing a game with a HUD and the option to import data automatically, you’ll always have the most recent data and statistics on your opponents. While doing so, you compile a useful database of potential opponents.

Using a heads-up display to your advantage

We’ll pretend you’re playing six cash game tables simultaneously and that you have a good hand on the button at one of them, but the trim has launched. Depending on the opener, you can either call or fold this hand, but you haven’t had time to study the cutoff.

How should I proceed? You use the information provided by your HUD to determine the type of opponent you’re up against and then make the most appropriate move. You now have a higher EV total simply because you have a tracker.

It can be difficult to objectively assess how often your opponents have been played against you (3, raising to your blinds, etc.), even if you’re only playing one table at a time because these evaluations are susceptible to bias from your emotions.

When someone is “playing a lot of hands” against you, it’s easy to assume they are. For this and other reasons, poker played online is notoriously difficult to master. We welcome any additional information!

How to Get Started With Trackers

Holdem Manager 3 is a good place to begin when you’re just starting out. Instead of overwhelming you with meaningless data, focus on learning what the statistics mean. Initially, I recommend sticking to just the VPIP, RFI, and 3-bet stats in your HUD.

The acronym VPIP stands for “voluntarily put money in the pot” and indicates what percentage of hands a specific player at your table is playing. A quick glance at a player’s VPIP% can reveal whether or not they are playing too many hands.

The RFI (Raise first) stat is very helpful, but it’s best to separate it out into its own HUD column. If you can observe the RFI of your opponent from every vantage point, I will perform better. Why is this case? If you utilize the RFI total, this will try to give you the estimate of all ranks. In certain situations, the ranges of two players who play, say, 10-25-45-75-25 and 35-35-35-35-35 will be very different. They are probably way ahead of you in the poker knowledge department. They both show up as “35” on your HUD.

3-bet%. Estimates the pre-flop raising probability of an opponent’s bet. This statistic will prove invaluable when deciding whether to narrow or widen your opened variety from a given starting position.

You can see that I based my analysis solely on pre-flop data. You’ll see a marked improvement in your table winnings once you make these changes, and they’re also the easiest to implement. Once you’ve mastered these fundamental metrics in HM3 or PT4, progressing to more advanced tracker use will come naturally.

Closing Remarks

If the thought of a heads-up display and other numbers on the screen is making you queasy, you should still get a tracker like Holdem Manager 3. In the end, it will assist you in keeping tabs on your progress (hence the name “tracking software”), mending even the smallest of leaks, and automatically saving your hands, all of which will aid in assessing your performance after each session.

Having “evidence” that you are, in fact, just “running bad” can be reassuring during upswings and calming during downturns. Trying to make the best use of the data at hand is what separates the leaders from the pack in a match of limited information.

To those who are just beginning to look into the world of poker solvers and tracking software, I hope you found the article informative and useful. Once you’ve gotten the hang of using your tracker, I may publish some further in-depth publications about how to do so.

Have fun!

Holdem Manager 3 FAQs

Where does Holdem Manager 3 take us?

It completely changes the game for poker tracking software. You’ll be able to get into the game and start analyzing sessions much quicker than in previous versions like HM2. Situational View, Graphical HUD, Tournament Detection, and many more are just a few new features in Holdem Manager 3.

When it comes to poker software, is Holdem Manager 3 a must-have?

Absolutely! We’d go so far as to say that one of the simplest ways to increase your income is to acquire Holdem Manager 3. If you decide to buy it, you’ll be ahead of the curve and able to gain an advantage over competitors who haven’t adopted it quite yet. The information you can gain from analyzing your hand histories to improve your game is invaluable. There is no financial commitment required to try out the 14-day trial.

How many online poker rooms do Holdem Manager 3 work with?

Over twelve major poker networks are supported by HM3:



Winning Poker Network

Ipoker network


Winamax 888

Pacific Bovada


Bodog Merge Network

Powerhouse Poker Network

Home of the Poker King

What languages are available in Holdem Manager 3?

Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, and English are just some of the languages HM3 supports.

Is it simple to use Holdem Manager 3?

Hold’em Manager’s fundamental features can be learned in a short amount of time. Their HUD displays all the crucial information in a clear and uncluttered manner. Cash games and tournaments are both supported by Hold’em Manager. You can consult the provided tutorials if you want to make the most of the tools and resources provided, such as the database and software.

Could I use Holdem Manager 3 on my Mac?

It’s not, sadly. Hold’em Manager 3 is a Windows-only application; it is not compatible with Mac OS. However, if you’re an advanced Mac user, you can run Windows on your machine by installing a program called Parallels Desktop. Holdem Manager, for Mac OS X, can be installed in this manner.

Holdem Manager 3 support contacts?

I can’t access Holdem Manager 3 because it keeps getting blocked by my firewall. You can make an exception for Holdem Manager 3 in your firewall settings. In the Holdem Manager discussion boards and support, you can find advice on how to fix your firewall.

Contact the HM3 support team at for help with software installations, program usage, and any other technical questions or issues.

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