Poker in Nebraska

Poker in Nebraska

Poker players everywhere will recognize the name of this city in Nebraska, a vast but sparsely populated Midwestern state. Omaha has more than 400 thousand people and is the state capital and largest city in Nebraska. Obviously, it was inspired by Pot Limit Omaha, the second most played poker variant. No one knows where the name came from or what connection it has to the city in Nebraska, despite the obvious implication of the name. The other major poker variant with a US location in the name is Texas Hold ’em, which has actual roots (Robstown, TX) identified by the Texas State Legislature. In line with this, playing poker in Nebraska is very much allowed.

Poker in Nebraska

But the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas is where Omaha was first played by the general public. Robert Turner, a poker player from California, first brought it to the attention of Bill Walter Boyd, manager of the Nugget card room. Thus, the name “Nugget Hold’em” was coined initially to describe the game. The game “Omaha” referred to was different. The only difference from standard Texas Hold ’em was that players were required to employ both of their hole cards in the final showdown.

Despite widespread belief, the origin of the name “Omaha” in reference to the state it was created in is unproven. After the popularity of the 4-card Hold’em game at the Golden Nuggets grew, the game was renamed “Omaha” to make it clear that players must always use two of their four-hole cards at the showdown. It is unclear how Nebraska became associated with PLO, but the state does have a long and storied history of gambling in general.

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Midway through the 20th century, Omaha was said to have more illegal gambling establishments per person than every city in the United States. The Italian mafia dominated the underground gambling industry. Meanwhile, Nebraska’s legislature kept passing amendments to the state constitution that made it legal to host a growing number of games of chance. First, in 1934, it was legal to wager on horse races; then, in 1958, bingo; in 1967, lotteries; and finally, in 1988, simulcasting of horse races.

Poker, as you can see, is not included in any of those activities. The most played card game is technically against the law in the state of Nebraska. However, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 allows Native American tribes to operate and regulate casinos within their own communities if they so choose. As a result, the state is home to a small number of Indian casinos. Sadly, none of them feature poker tables in addition to slot machines and bingo.

Some riverboat gambling establishments that have been granted an Iowa gaming license are able to offer their wares to Iowa gamblers by venturing across state lines.

Quick Summary

  • 1.934 million people.
  • Lincoln, Illinois is the capital.
  • Dollar (USD) is the official currency of the United States.
  • Location: UTC+6
  • Shorthand for Nebraska is NE.

Where You Can Play Poker in Nebraska Casinos:

  • Ameristar Casino Council Bluffs

Poker Stars from the Cornhusker State

Bob Slezak, a player from Omaha, NE, has won $1.265 million in live tournaments, according to his Hendon profile. He has one gold bracelet from the World Series of Poker (2001, $2,600 Omaha Hi-Lo 8-or-Better, $173,625)). During the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event, he won his largest sum. Out of a total of 6,358, he placed 15th and took home $429,114.

Although Slezak has raked in a lot of cash during his career, Daniel Sindelar, who has won $2.2 million, is the all-time leader in Hendon, Nebraska. On the other hand, he now calls Nebraska home but was born in Columbus, Ohio.

Lincoln, Nebraska, where Scot Buller grew up, is the state capital. His total winnings from live tournaments amount to $1,257,706. He won $500,000 in March 2006 for placing third in the $10,500 Limit Hold’em event at the Million V, which was, curiously enough, held on a cruise ship in international waters. To date, that is his largest prize from a single live tournament.

Playing Live Poker in Nebraska

Poker Laws in Nebraska

In the introduction, we mentioned the categories of allowed gambling: horse race betting, bingo, and the lottery. The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission is responsible for issuing licenses and establishing rules for these games.

Outside of those specific exceptions, however, gambling is prohibited. Legalized gambling is regulated by Title 28-1101 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. Even though they have a category for games that require skill, poker isn’t included in it.

Locations in Nebraska to Play Live Poker

There is a complete lack of any kind of live poker action in the state of Nebraska, which is a real shame.

No poker rooms can be found in any of the state’s Native American casinos, which include the Native Star Casino in Winnebago and the Ohiya Casino & Resort in Niobrara. They have nothing but slot machines and bingo.

Nebraska state on Google maps

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River between Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, is the Ameristar Casino Council Bluffs. By holding a valid gambling license from the state of Iowa, they can legally provide gambling services.

A variety of table games, such as “Cajun Stud” and “Flop Poker,” are available for play on board. These games pit you against the house rather than other passengers.

They feature “Head’s Up Hold’em” among the games available on their website. Sounds interesting; it would be awesome if you could play no-limit hold ’em (NLHE) for cash against other passengers on this riverboat. However, you should probably contact them to clarify what game they mean by that since there is no info about the play on their site, as well as the strange wording.

Play Legal Online Poker in Nebraska

Like the vast majority of other US states, Nebraska has no regulated and legal online poker market.

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The penal code doesn’t have any provisions dealing specifically with online gambling. The poker community, however, learned the hard way on Black Friday of 2011 that the default is illegal due to federal laws such as the 1961 Wire Act and the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Players in Nebraska have the option of using sweepstakes-style poker apps like PokerBros and Global Poker, or unregulated offshore sites like ACR.

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